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We are a web agency Unax. The brand was created in early 2019 by professionals with 10+ years of experience and many projects in their portfolio. We work exclusively with the most popular platform for building websites and web-based applications – WordPress. We are always up to date with the latest technologies and the latest trends in the web. We contribute and volunteer to WordPress by developing free themes and extensions and translations of others. We are constantly learning new things and upgrading our knowledge. We regularly attend seminars, local and international events related to our work and community.

What makes us different

Good project management with good organization and methodical approach. After specifying the assignment, a maximally detailed work plan is prepared, where individual tasks are described in detail and deadlines are set. The implementation is performed by qualified developers with a professional level of expertise. Top quality performance.

Our team

Atanas Antonov
Senior Full-Stack Developer

Emil Georgiev

Emil Georgiev
Senior Front-End Developer

Emil Karparov

Emil Karparov
Business Development

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Kristian Stoykov
Web Developer

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Stoyan Stoykov
Web Developer


  • Setting Up WordPress on VPS

    Setting Up WordPress on VPS
  • Gutenberg Block Development

    Gutenberg Block Development
  • Webpack Encore

    Webpack Encore
  • Webpack

  • ECMAScript 2015 / ES6

    ECMAScript 2015 / ES6
  • JavaScript for PHP Geeks

    JavaScript for PHP Geeks
  • Advanced PHP

    Advanced PHP
  • Introduction to Blockchain

    Introduction to Blockchain
  • Ethical Hacking & Cybersecurity

    Ethical Hacking & Cybersecurity

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