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  • We are listed as official contractor of WPML

    We are listed as official contractor of WPML

    We are proud to announce that Atanas Antonov from Nantstudio is official contractor of WPML – WordPress’s most used multilingual plugin. WPML Link: https://wpml.org/contractors/atanas-antonov/

  • Official Superhosting Partner

    Official Superhosting Partner

    Горди сме да съобщим, че сме в списъка с официални партньори на СуперХостинг.БГ ООД – най-голямата хостинг компания в България. На адрес https://www.superhosting.bg/super-partners на секция “Открийте надежден партньор за вашия интернет проект” можете да ни видите. Параметрите на които отговаряме са: Ще ни видите с големи букви NANTSTUDIO. Изработка и поддръжка на уебсайтове и електронни…

  • About WordCamp Retreat Sinemorets 2019

    About WordCamp Retreat Sinemorets 2019

    The first ever WordCamp Retreat in Bulgaria and one of the first in the world took place in the picturesque seaside village of Sinemorets. The weekend from September 13th to September 15th offered two beautiful sunny days and two slightly windy but warm evenings. On track one, useful lectures and productive workshops were held at…

  • Upload file in Dropbox via PHP and cURL

    The first thing of course is to have a valid Dropbox account and basic understanding of how a cURL request is built in PHP. Very helpful is the the Dropbox API Explorer where you can try various API calls and see the requests and the results. After you are sure that everything is working fine…