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  • State of the Word 2022

    State of the Word 2022

    Mark your calendars; it’s almost time for State of the Word 2022! State of the Word is the annual keynote address delivered by the WordPress project’s co-founder, Matt Mullenweg. Every year, the event shares reflections on the project’s progress and the future of open source. Expect this and more in this year’s edition. This year’s…

  • State of the Word 2021

    State of the Word 2021

    Keynotes Openverse – https://wordpress.org/openverse/ WordPress powers already 43.1% of the websites on the internet Content patterns 5.9 will come with 2022 block based theme 4 Phases of Gutenberg Phase 1 in WordPress 5.0 – The editor Phase 2 in WordPress 5.9 planned for January 25th, 2022 – The Full Site Editor. This is the MVP…

  • Indit Blackhat 2019

    Indit Blackhat 2019

    The only one Blackhat conference in Bulgaria was at 17-18 of October 2019. The agenda this year was not so SEO oriented but was very interesting and useful. Covered topics were fake Facebook profiles, Cybersecurity on energy sector, Drone attacks, Productivity hacks, Android Applications Vulnerabilities, Browsing in the Darknet and others. Great lectors, many new…

  • GDG Devfest Sofia 2019

    GDG Devfest Sofia 2019

    We had the pleasure of visiting the second edition of Google Developers Group – Devfest Sofia 2019. Many positive emotions, many useful lectures and of course many positive people. Good luck!Special thanks to Nicky Krastev!

  • About WordCamp Retreat Sinemorets 2019

    About WordCamp Retreat Sinemorets 2019

    The first ever WordCamp Retreat in Bulgaria and one of the first in the world took place in the picturesque seaside village of Sinemorets. The weekend from September 13th to September 15th offered two beautiful sunny days and two slightly windy but warm evenings. On track one, useful lectures and productive workshops were held at…