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Clear and convenient website of your project

Make a beautiful and accesible website for your properties for sale. Increase your sales and customer trust.

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You Get

More sales

A good presentation of your properties for sale helps visitors to easily navigate and confidently make their choice.

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Increased trust

Аlways offer up-to-date information for the available properties, news and events from the construction process.

National Aquarium Denmark, Kastrup, Denmark

Better reputation

The modern and quality website of your company or new project helps to build and maintain a better reputation.

National Aquarium Denmark, Kastrup, Denmark

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WORLD-class solutions

What we can do for You

A stable and reliable platform for your project

We build a stable and reliable platforms based on the most used content management system in the world. We develop and integrate additional functionalities that expand the capabilities of the system.

Convenient navigation to every suite in the project

We create a flexible structure with which every suite with its characteristics can be accessed. We plan and build user-friendly navigation for both desktop and mobile, ensuring the best possible result.

Easy marking of sold SUITES

We are providing an easy marking of the sold suites in the administrative panel, and we can do it for you also. This guarantees always up-to-date information on the website, which is very important ingredient for the good presentation.

News and up-to-date information section

We are adding a blog section for publishing up-to-date information related to the construction process. We create and maintain social media pages where we also publish this information. We provide all the necessary tools for the purpose, but we also can do it for you.

notes for a deal or communication with a client

We include functionality that we have developed to optimize the workflow and customer related communication. This way, you always have an option to save notes related to the point of sale, such as client contact details or the date and time of the next meeting.

Website care and maintenance

You are the reliable partner for your presentation on the Internet. We are here for any case study or new idea related to your website. We provide technical support, monitoring, backups, content management, editing and continuous development.

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Expertise with over 15 years of experience

Our work

We have solid experience in presenting investments in construction. We are confident because we have established processes for collecting information, preparing assignments and planning and developing the project. And last but not least transparent pricing. We have helped with the presentation and sales of projects with a built-up area of up to 25,000 sq.m. Some of them we have developed are:

Многофамилна жилищна сграда Каса Булплан, гр. Кюстендил

Casa Bulplan, Kyustendil

Residential building with apartments and garages in the center of Kyustendil city in Bulgaria. The investor is a company with over 20 years of experience in the construction of buildings and facilities.

Комплекс Стилартс, кв. Манастирски ливади - Изток

Stilarts Complex

A complex of four buildings in the south part Sofia city. Three of the buildings have been completed 2016, and the last one has recently been under construction. The investor is a company with over 15 years of experience in investment construction and a long-standing client.

Многофамилна жилищна сграда Булплан София

Casa Bulplan, Sofia

Residential building with apartments and garages in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. The investor is a company with over 20 years of experience in the construction of buildings and facilities. Completed 2019.

Снимка на екран на начална страница на презентация на сграда

Vila Nora

Residential building with apartments and garages near Sofia city center. The investor is a company with over 15 years of experience in the construction of buildings and facilities.

Многофамилна жилищна сграда Могилата, кв. Витоша


Residential building with apartments and garages in the city of Sofia, in the nice neighborhood Vitosha. Completed 2017.

What customers say about us

This company is correct, fulfills its promises and with them you can be focused on your business. I recommend it because the people who work there are professionals!

Наталия Кобилкина

Natalia Kobylkina
Family therapist, natalia.bg

They made valuable suggestions when we didn’t know how to handle some parts of the project.

адв. Женя Недева

Zhenya Nedeva
Founder of Legalmasters.bg

I was very satisfied. I got the website I wanted and lots of professional advises on its design, functionality and maintenance.

Антон Илиев

Anton Iliev
Wedding photographer, studiolife.bg

Exceptional professionals. I am very satisfied with the workmanship, quality and attitude.

Diana Traikova
Manager of real estates agency, imotibg.net

I have worked with them on a rather complex and extensive project. I am impressed by the professionalism and enthusiasm with which they work.

Йоана Вълчева

Yoana Valcheva
Bulgarian Writer

We have heard more than once about the elite Bulgarian programmers from Unax. I have used their services many times and I am 101% satisfied. I recommend!

Rostislav Kolev
Founder of Ethical Hacking University

Let’s work!

With a good presentation of your project you are selling more.

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