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  • Setup local web server

    For Windows Install WAMP https://www.wampserver.com/en/download-wampserver-64bits/ To add a website you need a database and file structure.

  • Plugins essential

    WordFence Set notifications to High level Set usernames like ‘admin’ and ‘domain’ to ban immediately Enable ReCaptcha for admin Enable 2FA for administrators Cyr2Lat (for sites in cyrillic) Fix bg_BG table letters ц => tz, Ц => TZ, щ => sht, Щ => SHT

  • Certbot

  • GitHub Actions

    Deploy /.github/workflows/deploy.yml

  • Git

    config Commands .gitignore

  • Custom installation

    1. Create database From control panel of the hosting Go to databases and create new database with underscores for example: new_project_database Create database user with underscores and strong password. For example new_project_user and 5xY34f8xFiVrbo9wHPaNFZtMG35J8RHq Grand privileges for the new database to the new user – normally we grant ALL PRIVILEGES From terminal 2. Download core…