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Yarin Stern sponsored by ZotaPay

Zota for WooCommerce

Zota for WooCommerce is complete and secure solution for card payments with WooCommerce.

Screenshot of Zotapay PHP SDK GitHub page

Official ZotaPay PHP SDK

ZotaPay PHP SDK is intended to be used by developers who run modern PHP applications and would like to integrate our next generation payments platform. page aobut us screenshot

Natalia Kobylkina and Happy Woman Academy website rebuild

Complete rebuild of the website of Natalia Konylkina and Happy Woman Academy. Combining three websites into one, data migrations, e-commerce integration, custom design and lot of custom functionalities.

Project includes:
– combining three websites into one
– building a crawler to parse hundreds of static pages and managment for them in the administrative
– functionality to create Woocommerce products programmatically from the parsed static pages and linking them each other
– custom metaboxes for Woocommerce products
– LMS integration for restricted content
– payments history migration with Whishlist Member and Bluesnap API connections
– completely custom Storefront based theme development
– completely custom template and functionalities for products
– custom post types and templates for treners
– add to cart limitation depending on payments type option per product
– integration of purchasable appointments for offline and online consultations
– adding customers in marketing lists when buying free products in GetResponse with their API
and lot more…

Online shop screenshot

Online shop for a tire importer company

E-shop for wholesalers, payments processing with credit cards and Paypal, products available only to registered users, individual discounts for counterparties.