Zota for WooCommerce

Zota for WooCommerce v1 is ready. Together with Alex Petrov from Webiz and Milen Petrinski we’ve developed the WooCommerce payment gateway Zota for WooCommerce.

Yarin Stern sponsored by ZotaPay

Zota for WooCommerce is complete and secure solution for card payments with WooCommerce. With Zota for WooCommerce your customers enjoy payments with Zotapay supporting multiple currencies (USD, EUR, MYR, VND, THB, IDR, CNY).

Zota for WooCommerce is available at https://github.com/zotapay/zota-woocommerce.

Official plugin from WordPress.org repository comming soon!

WooCommerce chekcout screenshot
Screenshot of Zota card details page.