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Easy acceptance of subscription payments with the myPOS for Woocommerce plugin

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An affordable solution for periodic, automatic, online payments for small and medium business owners.

You offer subscription services, use Woocommerce and have long been looking for an effective, profitable, easy to implement payment solution. You need a plugin that supports card payments, integrates easily into your site, is secure and your fees are affordable, convenient for not only you but also your customers.

Try the WordPress plugin for WoocommercemyPOS for Woocommerce, version 2.0. It meets all your requirements.

Its new version provides full support for automatic subscription payments with WooCommerce Subscritions, ensures the security of transactions and is easier to use for business owners and their customers. The administrative interface, checking pending payments and updating the status of pending orders have been improved.

How secure and convenient for customers is the myPOS for Woocommerce payment system for automatic subscription payments

It uses the most reliable and secure solution for making online payments – tokens. Thus it does not store information about the means of payment – credit or debit card of the client. Your customers are calm and you are in order according to all requirements and regulations for confidentiality.

At the same time, customers can easily and quickly change the card they use or unsubscribe whenever they want.

The focus of myPOS is the countries of Europe and accordingly many currencies are supported:

Bulgarian Lev (BGN),
US Dollar (USD),
Euro (EUR),
British Pound (GBP),
Swiss Franc (CHF),

Japanese Yen (JPY),
Romanian Lea (RON),
Croatian Kuna (HRK),
Norwegian Krone (NOK),
Swedish Krona (SEK),

Czech Koruna (CZK),
Hungarian Forint (HUF),
Polish Zloty (PLN),
Danish Krone (DKK),
Icelandic Krona ( ISK)

What are the benefits for small and medium business owners who use the plugin myPOS for Woocommerce

  • You double your income. Support for automatic payments does not require special commitment from the customer. He does not have to remember and renew his subscription every month, but agrees that the monthly amount will be automatically charged from a debit or credit card used by him.
  • Save money – use the myPOS payment system at lower costs. The plugin was created especially to help small and medium business owners, and the conditions for its use are really favorable for you. We – as an official partner of myPOS – offer you additional preferential terms. Read about them at the end of the article and register to receive them.
  • You focus on improving the service / product and save time. Because payments are automatic, you don’t need to prepare and send your customers reminder emails every month for an expiring subscription. Instead, you focus on your real work and offer them improvements and interesting innovations.

For business in what areas is suitable myPOS for Woocommerce

  • Online trainings, webinars, streaming of performances, live broadcasts, online TV.
  • Rental software, including online stores, analysis tools and any fixed-price SaaS products for monthly use.
  • Membership services – fitness, shared office, sites that offer paid access to news and educational resources, social clubs.
  • Government and municipal services – periodic payments are convenient when it comes to utility bills, taxes, student loans, etc.

Use the myPOS for Woocommerce plugin for automatic, subscription payments under the most favorable conditions for you

We are an official partner of myPOS in offering services and provide you with preferential conditions for working with the plugin. If you want to double your income and offer maximum convenience and security when subscribing to your customers buy myPOS for Woocommerce.

* Register Here for myPOS account and enter the code 1003005 to enjoy additional discounts!