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Our job is to help the client build or improve their online presence, make their site more user-friendly and optimize their processes. This includes building a new website or online store or redesign and upgrade an existing one and project management.

Our goal is with our expertise to realize your ideas in the best way. We offer development and support and build long-term partnerships with our clients. With us you can focus on the grow of your business, and we will take care of the development. We use a minimum of technical terminology and try to make our clients feel comfortable. We work with the last technologies for building APIs, online store and web based applications.

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What do you get

Stable solution for your business that you use with confidence on everyday basis. Optimized workflow and internal processes. Maximum improved design where your customers can quickly and easily find what they need. Added value both for you and your customers.

API Integartions and development

The REST APIs are developer-oriented features. They provides access to the content of applications, and implements the authentication restrictions — content that is public on is generally publicly accessible, while writing data as well as private content is only available with authentication. You have our full support for the whole process of integration or development of your API. This includes specifying the assignment, planning and concept, design and development. Together we make your services more flexible and accessible.


e-Commerce development

We offer development of WooCommerce based online stores. We offer development of stores for physical and digital products, training and consulting platforms, markets, reservation systems and other. Our goal is to achieve an optimal combination of beautiful design with good UX and convenient structure with product filters. Option for automated and fast initial load with products. We have extensive experience in the development of custom functionalities according to the needs of the project, which includes the integration of external delivery systems and stocks. We offer a connection to a wide range of payment systems and payment methods.

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Hypercare, maintenance and support

Every project needs care to function reliably and be as secure as possible. That’s why we offer monthly support, which provides the latest versions of the software used, both for the platform and on the web server. We can constantly add improvements as continuous development in the process of work and also offer content management.

After a software launch, we go into hypercare by providing extra support to our customers. This additional support helps new and existing users understand how to use the new product, service or feature.

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Each project starts with presenting the idea and creating a plan. It is a good practice to discuss the assignment with a technical expert. Often this is us and we are on line to achieve the best results. We also offer individual consultations for development, optimization and security.

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WordPress Technical Development

WordPress Themes

We create pixel perfect themes for WordPress according from design made by us or provided by the client. We work both with Classic and Block based themes. The custom theme guarantees maximum speed in combination with all the specific elements and functionalities of the project. The source code is validated and meets WordPress standards for readability, support and security. We contribute with free themes in the WordPress repository.

WordPress plugins

Extending the functionality of WordPress is done with the help of additional software “plugin”. Plugins offer unlimited opportunities for the project development. We offer custom plugins which can upgrade many specific functionalities or build communication with external systems.

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