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  • Introducing WordPress 5.9

  • Phishing for cPanel

    Phishing for cPanel

    Yesterday was received an email to the contact mail of the website. The mail subject is [example.com] WARNING The domain “example.com” has reached their disk quota. (where example.com is your domain) and link inside redirects to https://anotherexample.com/wp-includes/cpanel.php?token=ааааааааааа, which redirects to cPanel login page, which is not yours. Be aware where are you receiving emails (admin…

  • Add custom field at WooCommerce payment gateway’s settings page

    If you are envolved of WooCommerce payment gateway’s development you’re probably familiar of how to define fields with an array for payment gateway’s settings page. But if you want to add a custom field you have to implement a function for it. There are many posts on the web for how to extend WooCommerce admin…

  • Cheap online payments for small and medium businesses

    Cheap online payments for small and medium businesses

    Or how myPOS helps you earn more without burdening you with fees and bureaucratic procedures. You want to make it easier for your customers and earn more by adding an online payment option to your site or blog, but you run into a bunch of problems. High bank fees will eat up a lot of…

  • Autocomplete solution with jQuery and WordPress REST API

    With the help of WordPress REST API search request we can get the results and pass them to jQuery’s label and id. For custom post types parameter subtype is used. Parameters for the GET request are: Complete jQuery autocomplete example: Additional info for the search request options here:

  • Easy acceptance of subscription payments with the myPOS for Woocommerce plugin

    Easy acceptance of subscription payments with the myPOS for Woocommerce plugin

    An affordable solution for periodic, automatic, online payments for small and medium business owners. You offer subscription services, use Woocommerce and have long been looking for an effective, profitable, easy to implement payment solution. You need a plugin that supports card payments, integrates easily into your site, is secure and your fees are affordable, convenient…

  • WordPress from the kitchen

    WordPress from the kitchen

    Almost anyone can break two eggs in a wok and serve them with two slices of bread. And there will be a dinner. Neither will be anything fancy, nor it will be prepared by any Chef. It’s the same with a WordPress site. Almost anyone can make it. And there will be a website. But…

  • Indit Blackhat 2019

    Indit Blackhat 2019

    The only one Blackhat conference in Bulgaria was at 17-18 of October 2019. The agenda this year was not so SEO oriented but was very interesting and useful. Covered topics were fake Facebook profiles, Cybersecurity on energy sector, Drone attacks, Productivity hacks, Android Applications Vulnerabilities, Browsing in the Darknet and others. Great lectors, many new…

  • GDG Devfest Sofia 2019

    GDG Devfest Sofia 2019

    We had the pleasure of visiting the second edition of Google Developers Group – Devfest Sofia 2019. Many positive emotions, many useful lectures and of course many positive people. Good luck!Special thanks to Nicky Krastev!