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Cheap online payments for small and medium businesses

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Or how myPOS helps you earn more without burdening you with fees and bureaucratic procedures.

You want to make it easier for your customers and earn more by adding an online payment option to your site or blog, but you run into a bunch of problems. High bank fees will eat up a lot of your profits. Bureaucracy discourages you. For seasonal businesses, the introduction of online payments is often quite unprofitable, precisely because of costs and fees.

You need an alternative solution designed specifically for freelancers and small and medium business owners. Like myPOS.

What is myPOS and how it helps you?

A platform that offers you solutions for fast, secure online payments on favorable terms, without monthly fees. It was created and used by freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Its products are easy to integrate into your website, blog or online store. You put payment buttons where you need them and all payments from all your sites go into one, free, myPOS account. You can download them immediately, with a card.

You end up with lost profits for your business. With myPOS you start accepting card payments online within days and increase your sales immediately, at very low fees.

What types of online payments is the myPOS system suitable for?

Practically for everyone. Can be used for:

  • payment of fees for various services;
  • buying products;
  • automatic subscription payments.

All you need is a website or blog, products and services you offer and registration + account in myPOS.

What do you gain by registering in myPOS?

You use the most profitable, flexible and practical solution for online payments for freelancers, small and medium business owners. With it you increase your sales, attract new customers and manage to keep them, because in addition to quality products and services you provide them with a convenient way to pay and use them.

You react immediately to market changes. With the mobile application of the system, you log in to your myPOS account, wherever you are and receive reports, real-time sales information. This way you always make informed decisions about changes in your business.

You accept payments in any European currency. The moment you decide you need it, you open a myPOS account in the respective currency and you can accept payments. Transferring your money to various myPOS accounts is quick and easy, and international bank transfers have very favorable rates.

You minimize your maintenance costs for the online payment system. MyPOS fees are really low, you can see this before you register. But! We are an official partner of the platform and we managed to negotiate a lot of discounts for you.

Register and create your myPOS account using the code 1003005 to see what additional preferences you use.

Solve the problem with online payments and help your customers buy more.

Enter the code 1003005 to enjoy additional discounts!