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  • Zendesk chat bubble styling

    In many cases you want to style or customize the chat bubble or chat widget embedded in your site. There are several ways to do that. First option is to use the settings in your Zendesk account. Here is a help article how to do that. Another option is to use the Web Widget (Classic) […]

  • Install SSL certificate with DNS TXT record

    Here is the command to install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with certbot and DNS challenge a.k.a. acme-challenge. You’ll be prompted to add an TXT record for the desired domain. After that you have to point the path to the certificates on the web server configuration for the domain. For nginx on Debian/Ubuntu: Or Apache: Important: […]

  • Add custom field at WooCommerce payment gateway’s settings page

    If you are envolved of WooCommerce payment gateway’s development you’re probably familiar of how to define fields with an array for payment gateway’s settings page. But if you want to add a custom field you have to implement a function for it. There are many posts on the web for how to extend WooCommerce admin […]

  • Autocomplete solution with jQuery and WordPress REST API

    With the help of WordPress REST API search request we can get the results and pass them to jQuery’s label and id. For custom post types parameter subtype is used. Parameters for the GET request are: Complete jQuery autocomplete example: Additional info for the search request options here:

  • Upload file in Dropbox via PHP and cURL

    The first thing of course is to have a valid Dropbox account and basic understanding of how a cURL request is built in PHP. Very helpful is the the Dropbox API Explorer where you can try various API calls and see the requests and the results. After you are sure that everything is working fine […]